A place to hang your uniform.

Whether you are traveling solo or with a government group, P.R.O.S. Corporate Housing has the perfect temporary lodging solution specifically tailored to the unique demands of the government’s TDY and PCS traveler. Our dedicated and experienced team will make sure to comply with all of your travel policies.

Knowing the importance of minimizing government expenditures, we priced our top-tier accommodations to fall within TDY and most PCS per diems. Strategically located near many military installations, P.R.O.S. Corporate Housing offers convenient, comfortable and efficient housing solutions which allow you to spend your time focusing on your mission requirements.

P.R.O.S. offers a very sought after alternative to Army Post Lodgings, Navy Billeting, Air Force Inn or Lodge Facilities, and Marine Corps Temporary Lodging Facilities. All of our spacious living spaces are equipped with everything from a full size kitchen and high speed internet in each unit, to a washer and dryer en suite and state-of-the-art fitness facilities on site. Most importantly, we will make sure to find an apartment close to your work site to ensure a short commute.

P.R.O.S. appreciates your service to our country, and we want to thank you by assuring you have a seamless transition to your new base and comfortable accommodations during your stay. Allow us to show you how we are the trusted lodging provider for thousands of members of the military and Department of Defense community.

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