Cable Upgrades
Don’t want to miss your favorite show on HBO? We provide expanded basic cable in all of our furnished accommodations. For an additional fee we will upgrade your cable package to include movie channels. You may request this upgrade at the time of your reservation or during the course of your stay. * may not be available at all accommodations.
Treat yourself to our professional housekeeping services. For a small additional charge, you can add weekly, bi-weekly or monthly housekeeping services to your stay. Each housekeeping visit includes:

  • Make bed(s)
  • Vacuum carpets and/or mop floors
  • Clean sinks and counter tops
  • Dust furniture and accessories
  • Clean exterior surfaces of refrigerator and stove
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean bathroom(s)
  • Remove trash
  • Place Dishes in Dishwasher and Run
Concierge Services
We understand how busy you are, so we are excited to provide concierge services to our guests. Whether you need dining reservations, tickets to special events, tee times or have a more unique request to be fulfilled, our concierge services are the solution for you.
Town Car Shuttle Service or Rental Car Assistance
Need to be picked up from the airport? We can arrange for town car shuttle services to and from the destination you choose. We are also able to provide you with rental car assistance and corporate discounts through our network of rental car providers.
Personalized Pre Made Meals by Sunfare
Don’t have time to cook but still want to have healthy easy meals? We are excited to offer Sunfare as an option to our guests. You’ll be treated to a nutritious diet that is made fresh, tailored to your tastes and goals, and delivered right to your front door. No menu planning, shopping, or cooking involved, you’ll save valuable time and enjoy an effortless way to eat right.
Health and Beauty Services
Need a massage after a long day at work? Or need help finding the perfect hairstylist? We have compiled a list of service providers that can assist with such services including mobile personal fitness training, massage therapy, facials, skincare, make-up, mobile tanning and much more.
Gym Memberships
Most of our facilities have onsite fitness centers but if you are looking for something more stimulating we can assist you with temporary memberships at a local gym close to your accommodations.
Destination Services
We understand how overwhelming it can be to relocate to a new city so we have put together a destination services program to assist you with your move. We can provide fee based area tours prior to or after your arrival date to orient you to the city. These tours are meant to give you a complete understanding of the city you will be relocating to and answer any questions you have along the way. We can customize these tours based on your specific needs. We provide information on anything from schools in the area you will be living to household providers such as landscapers, babysitters and maintenance providers.
Relocation Services
After your temporary housing is done where will your next adventure take you?
Looking for a rental? We provide rental assistance services to help you find the perfect home. We conduct a rental assessment with you to understand what you are looking for in a rental. Based on that information we do research and provide you with rental options to consider. We have a network of management companies and investors we work with to provide you with options and discounts that you may not find if searching on your own. For a fee we can also set up a rental tour based around rentals you wish to see. This saves you a considerable amount of time. No more hours wasted doing research and trying to navigate your way to the rentals.
Want to purchase?
We are able to assist you with that too! We can refer you to a team of real estate professionals that have experience in relocation and can help you find the perfect home!
Off to another temporary destination?
Through our nationwide network of temporary housing providers we are able to assist you with temporary housing nationwide. Let us assist you with your next stay!

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