A home both on and off the field.

Whether you’re an athlete traveling alone or relocating with your family, P.R.O.S. has flexible short or long-term housing solutions tailored just for you.

Athletes know that practice makes perfect, and P.R.O.S. has perfected the combination of confidentiality and exceptional customer service. Our comprehensive understanding of the unique lifestyle and needs of professional athletes, coaches and sports executives, has allowed P.R.O.S. to cater to the sports professionals needs, wants and special requirements.

Allow us to be your tour guide.  Our extensive local insight will help you to choose the most geographically convenient areas for you to live during your active season, spring training, or rehabilitation time. With the stress and time constraints placed on athletes during busy sports careers, free time should be spent enjoying your home, and all that surrounds it, and not spent arranging the details of your relocation.

If you are traveling with a team or large group, P.R.O.S. can house everyone in residences that will accommodate the entire group. We cater to rookies as well as All-Stars.  If your budget is minimal, it is possible to keep the housing costs of your team within your low budget, by allowing P.R.O.S. to negotiate trade agreements on your behalf.

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